We are guardians of an original 19th century Victorian recipe for beeswax furniture polish, handed down to us by Adrian Perkins who discovered it in 1979. Our natural, handmade, traditional approach stems from this small piece of history.

Because cheap does not mean excellence, we stand by quality natural ingredients for quality results. Our competitors use cheaper white spirit instead of more expensive natural turpentine. Our products may cost more, but you'll get better quality, more remarkable results. 

We have a responsibility to ensure we do not lose sight of our history, and to ensure our customers have access to the high standards they have come to know and expect. Over time we have introduced new products, at the request of our customers, developing them to suit their specific needs.  


About Adrian Perkins and the history of Cambridge Traditional Products

Adrian is part of the tapestry of history at Cambridge Traditional Products. In 1979, he was a primary school teacher and bee keeper, when he discovered an original 19th century Victorian recipe for beeswax furniture polish. Using some beeswax from his own hives, he made some polish to the recipe. He found that it obtained a superb silky finish on all kinds of wood, which out-performed all the products of the modern industrial chemist. 

So Adrian resigned from education and started Cambridge Traditional Products. Steven was a family friend, and Adrian invited him to help out in 1981. In those days Adrian was producing about 200 jars at a time. The polish was cooked and mixed in small vats in his garage, and labelled in his kitchen. Steven joined to earn a bit of pocket money whilst at college.

Sadly, Adrian's garage burnt down, but due to the popularity of the furniture polish, the decision was made to move to an industrial unit in nearby Cottenham, where he could establish the business properly.

At this point Adrian offered Steven a proper position with the company, and he gladly accepted. The new unit meant that 2000 jars could be produced at a time.


Cambridge Traditional Products as it is today 

35 years later, Adrian has retired, handed down his secrets and pops in when he is able. The team is made up of five people and the product range has increased from one to four products. We work with agents across the UK, supplying wholesalers and retailers across the country. View our stockists to buy our products in your area. We also export to countries like Japan, Germany and Iceland and are actively seeking new international clients.


The team

Cambridge Traditional Products is faithful to producing high quality, natural products in the traditional way. We are on a never-ending quest to be responsible keepers of the 19th century Victorian recipe we have been left with. We keep to our heritage, value our customers and respect the environment we live in. 

We're a team of creative family and friends. Everyone on the team appreciates working with people we genuinely like and enjoy spending time with - outside of work we make music together, as well as attending gigs and festivals regularly.

Steven is now proud MD, after a long history with Cambridge Traditional Products. Steven's passion for natural, handmade and traditional still runs true. Outside of work Steven plays guitar and is doing a musical project with Paul. Steven also motorcycles, walks and reads mostly history and philosophy.

Paul is Production Supervisor and likes that he helps make products from a traditional recipe, rather than trying to recreate something in a less expensive way. Outside of work Paul plays with synthesisers and electronic gadgets, programs music, enjoys football, fine ales and summer festivals.

Julie has been Office Manager at Cambridge Traditional Products since 2008. Julie loves the way the products are made in a traditional way using traditional recipes, and feels quite proud to work here. Outside of work Julie has a rather large collection of books, enjoys crafts and camping.

Zach is Beeswax Stick Maker. Zach first started Cambridge Traditional Products in 2010 for his work experience. When he turned 16 he started helping out and now works part-time. Outside of work, Zach loves hanging out with mates, listening to music and generally having a good time.

Adrian, Founder

Adrian, Founder