Creating a good quality and stable beeswax polish cream emulsion using natural ingredients and no chemical additives is a tricky business. The success or failure of this is dependent on, amongst other things, specific properties of the Turpentine and beeswax being used in a particular batch. The properties of Turpentine and beeswax vary, and despite our best efforts, we sometimes make polish that does not emulsify as well as it should, and can end up resembling lumpy porridge.

This polish has the same effect and produces the same outstanding results when used as any other polish we make. ( Its what we use ourselves ! )  It just doesn't look good in the jar. As producers of a high quality product we don't feel we can sell it as we have very high standards to maintain, even if they are only visual. 

We're donating this beeswax polish because it still works. It's too good to throw away!

Over many years we have accumulated quite a bit of this polish, so rather than have it disposed of, which would be extremely wasteful, we have decided to put it to good use. We have recently donated this polish to two churches who are using our beeswax polish to restore old pews, choir-stalls and in any natural wood carvings that need a breathe of life.

So, we invite anyone involved with charity restoration projects in churches, museums and public buildings to get in touch. We'll donate this polish to projects we feel could benefit. In return, we may wish to visit and take photographs of some of the projects so we can write about them in our blog - like this!