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Cambridge Traditional Products
Traditional, natural, handmade beeswax products

Commercial options

All our natural and homemade products are available for international export and wholesale purchase


Available for export

We already have several international clients in countries such as Japan, Germany and Holland. Talk to use today if you’re interested in importing our products.


Experts in international exporting

The team at Cambridge Traditional Products have been exporting since 1993. If you are looking to import from the UK we can help you manage the entire process. We have specialist experience in:

Label translation and design

Our team can work with you to tailor your labelling to suit your specific requirements such as language, design, descriptions and contact details.

Export of hazardous goods by air and sea

Although it is difficult to ignite our polish, it is technically classified as flammable for transport purposes. We have been exporting our products for 20 years and are experts in shipping hazardous goods. This is a complex process involving training and re-evaluation every two years. We are fully qualified under the IMDG (sea) and IATA (air) codes to properly pack, evaluate, label and complete all necessary paperwork for shipping.

Communication with your chosen freight and forwarding company

As a company that imports from the UK, you may have your own favoured freight and forwarding companies. We are able to liaise with your freight and forwarding company and deliver your order to the depot, with all relevant paperwork, such as shippers declaration, commercial invoice, packing list, etc. Our responsibility usually ends when your order has been handed over to the freight and forwarding company when it leaves the country. 

The arrangement of shipping insurance

Can be arranged separately if required.


Exporting to Japan

Since 2002, we have supplied our natural beeswax furniture polish to Japanese mail order retailer and wholesaler, Comolife. They distribute to Japanese customers who use the polish on Western antiques which have become popular there and on hard wood flooring.  

Exporting to Germany

We have supplied both natural and brown beeswax furniture polish to Torquato, a German mail order home and hardware outlet since 2005. 

Exporting to Holland

We have supplied Zip Slip to a subaqua client, Subsea, since 1993.


Contact us if you are interested in importing our products

We will supply to retailers, wholesalers, distributors and agents internationally. Get in touch to discuss our products.


Available for wholesale purchase

We already supply a range of wholesalers across the UK. Talk to us today to discuss how your business can stock our products.