Beeswax Sticks

Beeswax Sticks

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Choose from golden, black, paraffin or pharmaceutical grade beeswax depending on your needs. It is used in lace making, batik printing, furniture restoration, waxing threads and more. And now our pharmaceutical grade beeswax can be used for cosmetics and food wraps.

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Natural beeswax sticks have an astounding range of uses:

  • Lace making

  • Batik print making

  • Filling scratches, cracks and holes in furniture restoration

  • Wood turning

  • Waxing woodworker's saws and tools

  • Stabalising old oil paintings

  • Machine knitting

  • Waxing yarns and threads

  • Waxing fishermen's line

  • Water proofing archer's bow strings

  • Easing the runners of stiff drawers

  • Easing stiff zip fasteners - also see Zip slip

  • Tuning pan pipes

  • Forming the mouth piece of didgeridoos

  • Making furniture polish

Black beeswax sticks have two known uses:

  • Achieve a deep black mirror-shine on regiment boots

  • Mask imperfections in dark granite

In order to achieve the deep black mirror-shine, our black beeswax sticks contain wax soluble dye.

Paraffin wax sticks have two known uses:

  • Protecting zips

  • Making candles

We also produce paraffin wax sticks, similar to candle wax.

British Pharmaceutical Grade beeswax sticks wax sticks have two known uses:

  • Cosmetics

  • Skin care products like face creams, moisturisers

  • Food wraps to reduce your plastic usage

How it's made

We make natural beeswax blocks, sticks and medallions by hand in the tiny village of Cottenham in Cambridge, in an equally tiny workshop. Since our beeswax sticks are handmade and completely natural, they may vary in colour. The colour of beeswax depends on its natural ingredients and the type of flowers gathered by the bees. In fact, honeycomb wax is nearly white. Beeswax gets its yellow and brown tones from pollen oils, in flowers, and propolis, in tree buds and sap flows. 

We now make British Pharmaceutical (BP) Grade Beeswax sticks

For many years we have produced pure beeswax sticks for all kinds of uses and applications. From time to time we have received enquiries about whether these are suitable for making cosmetics. Unfortunately, in the past we have had to tell people that, whilst they would probably not do any harm, technically they are not of a grade suitable for such applications. Recently there has been a lot of interest in making beeswax food-wraps, and many people are now making their own wraps at home. This is a great way for people to reduce their plastic usage and be more environmentally friendly. So now we have decided to add a new highly refined ‘food safe’ beeswax stick to our range. BP grade beeswax is the most highly refined grade of beeswax. It is ‘food safe’ and suitable for making cosmetics, face creams, moisturisers, etc