Timber Reviver

Timber Reviver

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Breath life into old beams and timbers with this specialist wood restoration product. Originally developed for historic building restoration, Timber Reviver is also perfect for any situation where application with a brush is more practical than applying polish with a cloth. Timber reviver soaks into the wood, feeds and restores it.

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Timber reviver for wood restoration


  • Wood restoration and timber care

  • Original bare timber beams

  • Original bare timber windows

  • Tudor beams

  • Old wood that looks 'tired'

Restore original beams, windows and ‘tired’ wood 

Hidden within historic buildings are original timber beams that were once hand selected by master craftsmen. In the days before steel fabrication, carpenters spent hundreds of hours fashioning, shaping and carving wooden beams by hand. In respect of this heritage, we make a high quality natural solution for wood restoration and timber care, rather than a modern synthetic product. Timber reviver is a natural product that feeds and cares for wood and helps restore old beams to their former glory.

Perfect for situations where polishing with a cloth is impractical

For decades our Traditional Beeswax Furniture polish has been enhancing the beauty of old wooden furniture. Timber reviver uses the same key ingredients of beeswax and turpentine but comes as a solution to be applied by brush rather than cloth, making it easy to apply to rough or textured surfaces.

How Timber Reviver works 

Timber reviver is a timber care product that stablises, revitalises and enriches old wooden beams, leaving them with a warm and natural glow. It will not significantly change the colour of the wood.

One of the reasons timber ages is that it dries out. Timber reviver was developed on request by a specialist builder working on listed buildings. It was developed specifically for Tudor beams, but it can be used for wood restoration on any old wood that looks 'tired'. Turpentine carries the beeswax into the wood. Since old beams are usually rough in texture, or have a riven surface, Timber reviver is a 'heavy duty' wood restoration and timber care product, created to cope with wood in a distressed condition.

How it's made

Timber Reviver is made from a high concentration of beeswax dissolved in gum turpentine. We melt natural beeswax in natural turpentine, bottle while hot, and hand label.