Zip-Slip is an easy to use zip lubricant and applicator for zip repair, maintenance and protection. It is specifically developed for the sub aqua industry as dry suit zip protection but can be used on any outdoor clothing and equipment that is exposed to the elements and extreme environments.

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Zip lubricant, zip repair and maintenance


  1. Unstick stuck zips

  2. Prevent zips sticking

  3. Relieve zip stiffness

  4. Protect your zips from doing all of the above

Use for all kinds of zip repairs

This is a versatile zip repair product that can be used on all zips exposed to wind, water or other harsh elements like sea salt. It is great for zips on work, outdoor and recreational clothing and equipment.

  • Dry suits, wet suits and surf suits

  • Yachting and boating clothing

  • Sailing bags and equipment

  • Inland waterway boats and equipment

  • Boat canopies and equipment

  • Fishermen's wear and equipment

  • Workwear

  • Motor cycle leathers

  • Flying suits

  • Tents and outdoor equipment

  • Caravan awnings

Directions for using Zip-Slip

  Care should be taken on zips in fabric material as it may stain surrounding fabric

  1. Apply every two to three months, or as needed.

  2. Hold the bottle in your hand for a few minutes, so you can use it at body temperature

  3. Gently shake the bottle

  4. Apply the easy flowing gel using the built in applicator

  5. Apply to both sides and all working components of the zip

  6. Leave to soak in and dry

The story of Zip-Slip

Protect and repair zips on outdoor clothing and equipment which endure extreme conditions. Use Zip-Slip, a liquid lubricant with in built brush applicator. Zip-Slip will help you avoid the hassle of replacing stuck zips, and stop you from having to replace items with broken zips.

Traditionally, zips have been maintained and lubricated with beeswax sticks. Whilst we can supply beeswax sticks, Zip-Slip has been designed for easy zip repair work, with the advantage of being easy to apply to all component parts of a zip. 

Zip slip was developed at the request of a customer who experimented with using the furniture polish as a zip repair lubricant but found the turpentine damaged the rubber of his wet suit. So to satisfy the needs of customers maintaining a broad range of zips on an equally large range of fabrics, Zip-Slip uses paraffin wax and white spirit as its two main ingredients. 

How it's made

Ingredients are white spirit and paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is dissolved in a tank of white spirit and bottled hot.