Privacy Notice

 Cambridge Traditional Products Ltd.
 Unit 1, The Maltings, Millfield, Cottenham, Cambridgeshire, CB24 8RE.

What data do we collect?

Cambridge Traditional products Ltd collects data to enable us to function as a manufacturer.
Primarily this consists of information we need in order to buy materials and sell our products.
This information consists of; company names and addresses, names of individuals we deal with in these companies, phone numbers, e.mail addresses and bank details.
We do not collect data from individuals for marketing purposes.
Individuals may contact us through our on-line form on this website ( the ‘contact us’ section). Any information given, ie. Name, e.mail address, telephone number, will only be used to respond to your enquiry.
This website uses cookies. Cookies store information. Please refer to the section titled ‘ Information about cookies’ below.

What is the legal basis for us collecting data?

Cambridge traditional Products Ltd collects data that we need to effectively run our business as a manufacturer; ie. to be able to complete transactions and fulfill contracts with our customers and suppliers.

Who do we share data with?

Data related to sales and purchases we make is shared with our bank, and the shipping companies we use, and our auditors. 
We do not share data with any other third parties, except where required to do so by law, or with express permission.
This website has links to other websites. You should be aware that if you use a link, you are subject to the privacy policy of the new site you have visited.

How long do we store data?

We retain data related to sales and purchases only as long as we need it in order to maintain our business relationships. Beyond this we keep sales records as legally required for six years.
Any information given to us via our on-line form (the ‘contact us’ section of the website), is retained only for as long as we need it to respond to the enquiry that has been made.

Information about cookies;
What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that websites store on a device. Cookies can improve your browsing experience as they help websites remember preferences and understand how people use different features.
What cookies do we use?

This website uses Analytics and Performance cookies to collect information about visitors to the site. This information enables us to evaluate how the website is performing. This helps us to maximise the effectiveness of our website, and ensure that people can find us online when they search for our products.
Here is a list of these cookies:
Cookie name       Duration             Purpose
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Ss_cvr                      2 years                   Identifies unique visitors and tracks a visitors sessions on a site.
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Ss_cpvisit                2 years                   Identifies unique visitors and tracks a visitors sessions on a site.
wed                         30 days                   Remembers if a visitor agreed to placing analytics cookies on
                                                                 their browser if a site is restricting the placement of cookies.

Your legal rights

You have the legal right to have access to whatever data we hold on you.
You have the legal right to have your data removed.
 If you would like to know what data we hold on you, or if you would like us to amend or remove any data we hold on you, please contact Steve Whatling, by e.mail –  or by phone – (01954) 251380
If you have any complaints or queries regarding our handling of your data, please contact us by the above e.mail or phone number.
We will undertake to handle any complaints or requests within 4 weeks, in a clear and concise manner.
You have the right to complain if you are unhappy about the handling of your data. 
 If you wish to complain, you can contact the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) at