I use nothing else. It goes on easy, not real thick. Pure turps furniture polish soaks the wood and feeds it. The more you polish it over the years the better it becomes. It’s a natural finish.
— Malcom Pipes, bespoke furniture maker, Carlton Husthwaite
The 17th century oak in the Gallery at Hutton-in-the-Forest now sparkles and shines more than it has for many a long year, thanks to Cambridge Traditional Beeswax Polish”
— Lady Inglewood, Hutton-in-the-Forest
Thank you for all your kind help in tracking down replenishments of my traditional beeswax cream. I had been rather remiss with my polishing since I moved 4 years ago, downsizing to a flat. The furniture had really lost its bloom and for that reason I did not quite follow your instructions, as I felt the wood needed nourishing. I applied the cream and left it several hours to “soak in” and then buffed it up with a soft cloth. I do not know if the longer gap made life easier, as it shone up beautifully, and without too much of the “elbow grease”! Not a bad thing as at nearly 75 elbow grease is not as liberally available as it was in my younger days!

I think its a wonderful product and now my furniture is smiling at me again, I am sure it too is feeling the benefit! Thank you once again.
— J. A. Knowlden
We have been using this polish for 10 years. Only the best is good enough for our pine doors and furniture. We purchase ours from Blyth & Wright of Sheringham.
— Tony Ashton
We have an oak table which has always been cleaned with a supermarket aerosol beeswax polish. One of our grandchildren spilled a cup of hot tea on the table and within minutes a white mark appeared that could not be removed with the polish. We searched the web and were advised to use a beeswax polish. We read your blog, contacted you and purchased a brown beeswax polish. Success, after two applications! Not only were the marks removed but the surface took on a colour and shine that we had not seen since we first purchased it. Many thanks. We will continue to use your product.
— Derek Blackman
Hi, just a quick message to thank you for making such a fantastic range of products. As an instrument maker who refuses to hide timber under layers of paint, your products have proven invaluable in helping me to achieve superbly natural looking results that I’m proud to put my name on...and I’m equally proud to support your company. Many thanks, and keep up the excellent work.
— J. Firth (JWF Instruments)