Cambridge Traditional Products' Beeswax Polish can transform neglected furniture with minimum effort.

This old set of drawers has been terribly neglected for years, and as a result looks decidedly shabby. It will be an ideal piece to demonstrate how effectively our Traditional Beeswax Polish can restore beauty to furniture with a minimum of effort. 

 This is a nice piece, but fairly basic and "utility" in its construction. The front and drawers are nice quality old pine, but the back, sides and top are just thin plywood. I will use our brown beeswax polish, as it is very effective at covering blemishes and stains. The brown polish will will enhance the pine nicely, and whilst there is not much you can do with old worn-out thin ply, it will at least make it look "tidy" again.

We think this piece was probably made in the 30,s or 40,s and that the wood was stained or dyed, then varnished. At some point since then it has been stripped, leaving it with the weathered look it has now.

drawers d.JPG
drawers h.JPG

I have decided not to spend any time cleaning or repairing it in any way; I will just liberally apply some brown polish and we will see what it can do.

(Our own labels say "apply sparingly", but this is advise for general use; you don,t normally want to apply to much polish, and end up with a smeary layer that is difficult to buff off.  When you,re applying polish to something that has not been polished for many years, however, the wood is very dry, and will quickly soak up the polish. I anticipate three generous coats will be required to make this glow).

Applying the polish. I have laid the unit on its back and removed the drawers to make it easier to work on.

Applying the polish. I have laid the unit on its back and removed the drawers to make it easier to work on.

I like to apply the polish with an old rag; allow as much to soak in as will readily do so, then buff off with a duster. With this piece I applied three coats over a couple of days. In all, I spent about two hours actually working on it.

When happy with the results I like to finish off with a final all-over buffing. For this I use either a duster, or something with a gentle bit of texture, such as a rag made from an old towel. This brings up a lovely gentle shine. Its not like a modern glossy shine; more of a gentle glow. This is the unique beauty of a true traditionally made Beeswax Polish.

 Here are some before and after polishing shots, taken under the same natural lighting conditions, ie. just inside our unit, with the roller door up.

In order to truly appreciate the effect of a quality Beeswax polish finish, however, you need to shine a little light on it, so I took a few final shots under the interior lighting :

drawaft n.JPG

So there we have it; another neglected piece of furniture renovated and given a new lease of life, with minimum effort, thanks to Cambridge Traditional Products' brown beeswax polish !

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